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>FREE< Souls on Fire : Portraits and Legends of Hasidic Masters download PDF
>FREE< Souls on Fire : Portraits and Legends of Hasidic Masters download PDF

Elie Wiesel,: Souls on Fire : Portraits and Legends of Hasidic Masters

Souls on Fire : Portraits and Legends of Hasidic Masters


In Souls on Fire: Portraits and Legends of Hasidic Masters, Elie Wiesel reenters, like an impassioned pilgrim, the universe of Hasidism. "When I am asked about my Jewish affiliation, I define myself as a Hasid, " writes the author. "Hasid I was, Hasid I remain." Yet Souls on Fire is not a simple chronological history of Hasidism, nor is it a comprehensive book on its subject. Rather, Elie Wiesel has captured the essence of Hasidism through tales, legends, parables, sayings, and deeply personal reflections. His book is a testimony, not a study. Hasidism is revealed from within and not analyzed from the outside. "Listen attentively, " Elie Wiesel's grandfather told him, "and above all, remember that true tales are meant to be transmitted - to keep them to oneself is to betray them." As a critic appearing on the front page of The New York Times Book Review has written, "The judgment has been offered before: Elie Wiesel is one of the great writers of this generation." Wiesel does not merely tell us, but draws, with the hand of a master, the portraits of the leaders of the movement that created a revolution in the Jewish world. Souls on Fire is a loving, personal affirmation of Judaism, written with words and with silence. The author brings his profound knowledge of the Bible, the Talmud, Kabbala, and the Hasidic tale and song to this masterpiece, showing us that Elie Wiesel is perhaps our generation's most fervid "soul on fire."

"This is an excellent textbook that should be compulsory reading for any undergraduate student of Social Psychology. Wendy Stainton Rogers has done a remarkable job of synthesising theories within these broad approaches. Souls on Fire : Portraits and Legends of Hasidic Masters pdf She has used her vast experience in distance learning to write a book that draws students in and has them reading, simply because the material is so very interesting. Although Stainton Rogers outlines the British Psychological Society's requirements for an undergraduate course in Social Psychology at the beginning of the book, this textbook is relevant far beyond the context of the United Kingdom." Catriona Macleod, Professor of Psychology, Rhodes University, South Africa In the brave new world of Facebook and Twitter, our social, political and personal worlds are all profoundly changing. To be relevant to our lives today, Social Psychology needs to be transformed. This popular book has been radically revised to do just that. Extensively updated and expanded, this new edition contains a broad grounding in traditional experimental work and a thorough treatment of the different 'logics of inquiry' adopted for empirical research.

Author: Elie Wiesel,
Number of Pages: 288 pages
Published Date: 01 Jan 1986
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780671441715
Download Link: Click Here


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